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Friday, February 1, 2013

Mobile Apps for Fertility Management

It’s a perplexing moment when you shift from pregnancy being your greatest fear to your most coveted goal. It usually starts with seeing a kid so cute that you mildly want to kidnap them. Then sanity sets in and hopefully the paralyzing fear of arrest. Next, you tell yourself, “The current love of my life and I could totally make a much cuter kid than that? And in an instant it hits you.

“Eureka!!! I can make a baby! And at this age it’s no longer a social stigma! Jackpot!” You are overcome with excitement while watching Huggies’ commercials until the worries start to set in about your fertility. You may have ovarian cysts, irregular periods, or just be worried about the fact that you have engaged in some risky activity that should have resulted in multiple pregnancies. Well before you freak out, learn the signs of fertility and how to naturally increase the odds of pregnancy with mobile apps. If however, you are like me and currently avoiding pregnancy like the plague…at least for a little while, still check out these apps to help decrease your chances of getting pregnant using science.

Woman Calendar-iPhone
This app is kind of a big deal if you are trying to make a baby or "go half on a baby" as some might say. It tracks your period, dates of ovulation (or the time you are most likely to get pregnant), basal body temperature measurements, and sexual activity. It has fancy charts (which are a lot easier to read with the thought bubbles that are written on them.) You can export all the data via email or print it for your next doctor's appointment. This app is $9.99. Now, usually I give people a free alternative, but let’s be honest, if you can’t afford $10, then maybe you need to wait a while before you have a child. This is an investment.

WomanLog-iPhone and Android
This app is available for both Apple and Android users and its free! Honestly this app should cost with all the great ratings and physician endorsements that it gets but lucky you can keep your purse strings tight because it’s not. It tracks your period, your symptoms, your birth control intake, weight, mood swings, sexual activity and basal body temperature measurements

This app is truly great if you are trying to get pregnant, but may be overkill if you are trying to avoid pregnancy. The next app is just for the single ladies, tired mothers and other egg hoarders trying to delay pregnancy. (I know "egg hoarders" is not a term but I just made it up and I like it.)

P Tracker-iPhone
P Tracker is my absolute favorite and most used app. I even plan my vacation and dates around it. It tracks my upcoming and future menstrual cycles to the date and its notes section always helps remind me of things I want to tell my doctor. As a single female, the thing I absolutely adore are the icons that inform you of when you are fertile and what your projected ovulation date is, so that I am reminded when to take extra precaution. While I still find babies adorable, my shopping habit and travel budgets are not ready to take that hit just yet. So if you are single and somewhat cheap, use this free app for iPhones.

Hopes this helps you ladies. Happy Baby Making and Practicing!

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