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Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Get Sexy Clear Toenails with Listerine and ACV!

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Hi Ladies,

Lately, I have been getting a crazy amount of requests for remedies for discolored toenails. Everyone is afraid of being the girl from that iconic scene in Boomerang, in which Eddie Murphy dismisses the most beautiful woman because her feet are for lack of better words "toe up" (pun intended). Well have no fear ladies. You do not have to spend a fortune on anti-fungal cremes or have to fear the "I hate this fucking job" stare as you take your socks off at the nail salon; there is a remedy for you, that I can personally vouch for because I saw results same day though it usually takes about 6 weeks. Check out the

Check out the how to get sexy feet naturally with listerine and apple cider vinegar video.

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  2. A small piece of clean cotton can then be used to prop the nail's corner up and over the skin edge until the skin heals. Your doctor may cut open infected areas with a blade or a needle to allow the pus to drain.